Department of Florida


How do I participate in the State/ National Contest?

In order to participate in the State Contest you will have to be the winner of a Post, District, and Area Contest. The winner of the post contest moves onto the District Contest, the winner of the District Contest moves onto the Area Contest and the winner of the Area Contest moves onto the State Contest. The winner of the State Contest will move onto compete at the National Contest in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Can I participate if I am a home schooled student?

YES! As long as you are a student under the age of twenty (20) years old on the date of the National Contest who is presently enrolled in a high school or junior high school (public, parochial, military, private or state accredited home school), in which the curriculum is considered to be of high school level, commencing with grade nine (9) and terminating with grade twelve (12).


Is there an application that I have to fill out to participate?

There is no application that needs to be filled out in order to participate in the National Oratorical Contest. If you are interested in participating in this contest you will have to get in touch with your local American Legion Post and tell them that you would like to sign-up for their Post Level Contest.

You can use our Post Locator to assist you with finding a local post.