Florida Sons of The American Legion

Past Commanders Club


Past Commanders Club Officers

President - Tom Soeder

1st Vice President - Richard Duncan

2nd Vice President - Bernie Wildrick
Secretary  - Rocco Cirigliano
Treasurer - Steve Gordon
Historian - Paul Micieli
Chaplain - Randy Collinsworth
Judge Advocate - James K. Roberts III
Sergeant-At-Arms - Bill Fuller

Past Commanders Club Board of Directors

Michael Bowen
Brian Carter
Tom Klinger
Joe Eckenrode
Bill Preston

PCC Membership Application


Any person may be eligible for membership in this Club who is a Past Squadron Commander, Past District Commander, Past Detachment Vice Commander (Area Commander), Past Detachment Commander, Past National Vice Commander or Past National Commander of the Sons of the American Legion, and is a member, in good standing, of an SAL Squadron within the Detachment of Florida. Applicants must conform to all the provisions of membership in this organization.

The Secretary MAY require evidence of eligibility before issuing a membership card.

All applications must be presented to the Secretary at the Annual Detachment Convention or Mid-Winter Conference


Club membership is annual, the Club fiscal year begins on August 1 through July 31 of the next year


Dues are payable in advance. The annual dues shall be not less than $5.00 (dollars) and may be changed in accordance with the By-Laws. If dues have not been paid in advance by August 1st membership remains in good standing for one (1) month. If the dues are not paid by September 1st the membership is suspended and may be reinstated ONLY by APPROVAL of the Club and payment of Dues. If dues are not paid by October 1, the member is DROPPED from the rolls and the membership is forfeited.


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