In Memory

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
We Will Never Forget

Our Prayers

Dear Lord,

Please hear our cries and our broken hearts for the many that were lost during the attack on America. Please comfort to the families and friends of all that were lost. We don't always understand why this happens but we ask that through you we will feel a comfort and a better understanding of our tragedy.

Please hear our prayers and be ever near us. Amen.


A Message from NEC Jim Roberts

September 12, 2001 - Words cannot describe what is happened over the past two days. We have seen two commercial aircraft crash into the World Trade Center in New York, after the crash we saw them crumble. We saw The Pentagon burning and one side collapse after a third commercial aircraft crashed near the building. Finally, we know that a fourth commercial aircraft crashed into an open field in rural SW Pennsylvania. All from a terrorist attack on the United States.

We as members of the SAL need to be strong and do what we can to remain that way. I ask that we all in this great Detachment pray for those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy, the airline passengers, the people in and around the Trade Center towers, the rescue personnel and all the families and friends of the victims.

Please take a moment of silence at your Squadron meetings to remember those that have fallen. A prayer has been circulated through out the Detachment that I feel is appropriate to be given at the opening or closing of your meetings. That prayer is printed above.

Thousands of lives one September day
Were brutally and cowardly taken away
Disbelief, panic, the smoke and screams
Sadly shook the American dream.

Recruits and veterans watched in horror.
As terrorism knocked upon our door
United we stand, divided we fall.
Now becomes our battle call

Race or color size nor age
None is spared the sense of rage
Wave our flag and display it proud
Shout USA, and shout it loud.

Remember the day our country shook
And remember to take a second look.
Old Glory still stands proud and tall
A symbol to reminds us all.


Dennis M. Long
Former Navy Seal
American Legion Post 313
St. Peters, Missouri

Our Fallen Comrades - September 11, 2001

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