Department of Florida


Bravery in the face of opposition and danger; determination and force to do right without public applause and regardless of personal advantage; a quality of the intellect

Highly-developed moral character; moral excellence; strength and stability of character; high standards of conduct; devotion to duty; adherence to truth; keen sense of what is right; practice of clean speech and thoughts

Ability to lead and accomplish goals through group action; ability to work in harmony with other leaders in accomplishing group results; desire and ability to fill the voids in the lives of others that might be timid or have other handicaps

An ideal of loyal Americanism, religious tolerance, righteous freedom and the willingness to defend our Flag against all enemies – foreign and domestic.

Attainments in school studies; quality of schoolwork reflecting the fine traits of industry; perseverance; efficiency and intelligence

Kindliness; unselfishness; fellowship; protection of the weak; promotion of the interests and the welfare of associates and constructive aid for the support of schools and community.