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Cracker Trail

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The Cracker Trail is a timed skill competition hosted by The American Legion, Department of Florida. The “Cracker Trail” theme was inspired from the Florida Cracker trail when the early cowboys ran their cattle from coast to coast in northern Florida. It is an action packed weekend that challenges each scout on all they have learned in scouting, leadership, team skills, problem solving, and personal strength.

We hope to see y’all on the Trail.

Chuck Wagons:

Each Patrol (a group of 8 scouts) will build their chuck wagon prior to the event date. The chuck wagon can be built out of many different materials. The main objective with building the chuck wagon is to make sure it can endure the outside elements, be easily pulled/ maneuvered, and carry the Patrol’s supplies around the campsite.

Towns and Points:

There are 15 “towns” that the Patrols will travel to. At each town the Patrol will be introduced to a Mayor and be given a brief explanation of what skill they will be learning. The Patrols have 20 minutes in each town to successfully complete each skill. There are clues in the Cracker Trail Handbook on what skill is in each town & the supplies needed, so they know what to practice & expect.

Points are earned for skill, knowledge, & nuggets for scout spirit. The Patrol with the most nuggets will get the traveling spirit stick to take home for the year & carve out their Patrol name. The spirit stick will be returned to the event in the following year for the new winners. The nuggets also get used for auction bids at the end of the day. Auction items vary, from food, beverages, candy, cards, & camping supplies.

Points are also earned for Patrol flags & their Wagons. The points go towards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of each town and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the whole event.


The American Legion adds a few of our own skills to the event such as:

  • Color guard
  • Americanism
  • Visit a Post
  • Visit a Veteran

Each Patrol is encouraged to visit a Post & learn about them. This will give them knowledge of other skills. It also will open the door for scout participation with events & memorials. The Veteran’s are proud to spend time with our scouts teaching them their patriotic past and standing side by side at attention with them during color guards & memorials.


Camp Trail Taste Off
The Patrols have to make a fire, cook lunch, eat & clean up leaving no trace. They give the mayor a taste of their prepared camp food for judging.

Chuck Wagon Race
At the end of the day the Patrols will empty their wagons & race them for ribbons.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Assist Mayors – track all the scores of the Patrols & pass out nuggets
  • Score Runners – go from town to town collecting sheets throughout the day
  • Awards Team – total score sheets & enter them into the computer program for the award presentation
  • Logistics – set up chairs, water jugs, deliver lunch to the Mayors, and keep garbage under control.

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