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Coaches who want to start a team should contact their local Florida American Legion Post. You can also contact the American Legion, Department of Florida to receive a new team packet, which includes copies of the State and National rules, insurance information, and registration forms (All of these documents can be found through the links provided below).

A coach must fill out a new team registration form online every year!

Tips for starting a team.

  • Recruit players who are committed to playing on your Legion team. ** If at any time a team has less than 12 players available to play during the playoffs, the team is disqualified from further play.**
  • Nine-inning games are played in the 8 team double elimination championship tournaments at the national level.  Therefore, in order to win the Regional and World Series tournaments, the team must have a very deep pitching staff.
  • Strive to have the maximum 18 players on your team.
  • Try to maximize the number of games played by your team. There is no reason why a Legion baseball team cannot play in another league; however, once the Legion playoffs begin, the Legion team must be committed to playing in the Legion playoffs.
  • Work with your post to establish a budget, and together develop a plan for raising money to fund the team’s expenses.  It is permissible for the players to contribute financially to the program.  All contributions to the team via the Post are tax deductible.
  • Baseball has many rules.  Integrity in the program is maintained by strictly and fairly enforcing the rules.  Therefore, read and know the rules.

2017 Baseball Rule Book
Register Your Team
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