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Holiday Raffle


We are excited to share with you an ambitious fundraising program designed to help the Department of Florida and our Posts meet fundraising objectives to better serve Veterans across the state.

This December, The American Legion, Department of Florida Holiday Raffle will award a cash prize to 31 winners, one on each day of the month.

Every ticket sold not only increases the prize pool for the 31 winners, but the Department and the Posts will share the proceeds, strengthening our programs across the state and directly impacting our Posts who are making a difference locally for Veterans and their families.

To maximize the success of this program, we truly need every District and Post’s support.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • The requested donation for each raffle ticket is $5. To simplify the accounting of money, we suggest purchasing the tickets for $3 from Department Headquarters. The remaining revenue is your Post’s to keep.
  • We encourage everyone to reach outside of the membership to patriotic non-members as part of the effort to sell tickets.  This will increase the total amount of money raised and relieve pressure on our members.  If every member sold just 4 raffle tickets, there would be more than $400,000 of prizes and $800,000 raised for Legion programs and our Posts
  • The Department will handle promotions through the website and social media.  We will also be providing marketing posters for the Posts to highlight the program.
  • Tickets will be available online for those who prefer that as an option
  • Tickets will be available by early October

If you have questions… or you want to get out to an early start, contact Jennifer Cooper, Department Fundraising Director.  Remember, the more tickets you buy, the more everyone wins!!!

Pre-Order Tickets