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Voting Order

Per Article V, Section 4 of the Department Constitution, the delegate cut-off date (TBD) has passed and the Post voting order/delegate count has been established. The attached document shows the order in which Posts will vote and the number of delegates each Post is authorized to register at the Department Convention. The following is a brief explanation of the different sections of the document:
  • Column 1, titled “ORDER”, provides the order in which the Posts will vote.
  • Column 2, titled “POST”, provided the number of the Post that will cast their vote.
  • Column 3, titled “VOTES”, provides the number of delegates the Post may register.
    • The Post may register up to this amount but may choose to register less than this amount if they wish.
  • Column 4, titled “EXTRA”, provides the number of potential extra delegates the Post may register.
    • The number of symbols in this column should be added to the number in the “VOTES” column for a total number of delegates the Post may register.
    • Example: If a Post has “4” in the VOTES column and two “*” in the EXTRA column, they may register up to 6 delegates as long as the additional two delegates are the members of the Executive Committee represented by the “*”.
  • The “*” symbol represents a member of the Department Executive Committee (Department Officers, Area Commanders, District Commanders, District Vice Commanders).
    • The “+” symbol represents a Past Department Commander.
      • A Past Department Commander must be on the floor at the time of the election for their vote to count.
      • If a Past Department Commander also serves another role on the Department Executive Committee, they would be represented by a “*” symbol and do not need to be on the floor for their vote to count. Only one vote is allowed for each individual despite the number of offices they may hold.
  • The last two blank columns are provided for taking notes during the election.

This document is available on the Department website and will be distributed at the Department Convention registration area and the General Session prior to the Special Order of Business (elections).

Please feel free to share this document with the Posts and Legionnaires in your respective areas.

We’re glad you are already planning, but we’re still working on the details. Please check back with us in May 2018, or join or mailing list to be notified when information is available.

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