Department of Florida


Can anyone vote?
No. Each registered Post is provided ballots based on their membership strength.
Will your vote be anonymous?
Yes, you will be in a private setting in which to cast secret ballots.
What are the key changes to voting?
Secret Ballot and Electronic Tallying.
How will voting work?
Create flow chart/timeline step-by-step.
When will voting take place?
Saturday, July 7, 2018. Immediately following nominations, to be completed by 1:00pm, with the exception of Posts still in line to vote at the time.
How many ballots will each post receive?
Each post will receive two (2) delegate votes, two (2) alternates votes, and one (1) additional delegate and alternate vote for each additional one-hundred (100) members, provided that the per capita tax is paid fifteen (15) days prior to the Department Convention.
Do Past Department Commander’s get to vote?
Yes, however a Past Department Commander must be present at the time voting, in order to cast a vote.
When will we get the results?
Saturday, July 7, 2018, immediately, following the close of voting.
How is a winner determined?
The candidate for each office that receives the most votes shall be declared the winner.
How long will Department keep the ballots, in case of a recount?
All official ballots will be retained as permanent record of the Department for a period of two (2) years.
What happens when a delegate or alternate is absent?
The vote of any delegate absent and not represented by an alternate shall be cast by the majority of the delegates present from the Post.
Will a candidate still have the ability to “run off the floor”?
Yes, the ballots shall provide for a write-in candidate for each office, should one be nominated off the Convention floor without prior endorsement by their respective Post.
What is the deadline for endorsements?
May 30, 2018 is the deadline for all candidate endorsements, to be pre-printed on the ballot. A candidate may still be nominated and run “off the floor”.
How does Department come up with delegate strength?
Each Post shall be entitled to two (2) delegates and two (2) alternates and to one (1) additional delegate and alternate for each additional (100) one hundred members provided that the per capita tax is paid fifteen (15) days prior to the Department Convention.
How long are nominating speeches?
Nominating speeches shall be limited to five (5) minutes each. No more than two (2) seconding speeches shall be made for each candidate, each of which shall not exceed two (2) minutes.
Who will oversee the process?
A team of election officials will oversee the election process. These officials shall consist of an employee of the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office, the Assistant Department Adjutant, and the Department Assistant Judge Advocate or a representative appointed by the Department Commander in his/her absence.
What will happen to rejected ballots?
The election officials will examine any ballot rejections to determine the intent of the ballot. If a ballot reflects votes for two (2) candidates for the same office that ballot will have that one (1) office’s vote cancelled and the balance of the ballot cast as presented. Should duplicate ballots be presented, the scanners will reject the votes from both ballots.
How and when will a winner be declared?
A winner will be declared for each candidate receiving the majority of votes. A winner will be announced immediately, following the close of voting, the results will be placed in an envelope which will be presented to the Secretary of the Convention (Department Adjutant) on the Convention stage to be announced
What are the elected offices?
1st Vice
2nd Vice
3rd Vice
Judge Advocate
Area Commanders
District Commanders
What happens in the case of a tie vote?
A roll call of Posts for the purpose of casting their votes for the tied candidates shall continue until one candidate receives the majority of votes cast, the roll call is complete or until there shall be only one candidate for a particular Department office.
What if we lose our ballot(s)?
All official ballots are the responsibility of the acting chairman of each delegation and shall not be replaced for any reason under any circumstances.