Department of Florida

Color Guard Competition

We are working on information for the 2019 Department Convention, please check back closer to event.

Time and Place of Competition:

The Color Guard Competition will be held on Thursday, July 5, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 P.M. in a designated room at the host hotel of the Department of Florida Annual Convention.

Competition Classes:

Advance/Retire Colors, minimum 4 color guard members; and Military Open Class, maximum 7 color guard members; per National Color Guard competition rules.


All rulings are made within the framework of the National Color Guard Competition rules.


Competing color guard units must have participated in events/or have been sponsored by its post
within the current year, 2017–2018. The sponsoring post must have a registered delegation at the Annual Department Convention. Participating color guard members themselves do not have to be a registered convention delegate, however, they must be a member in good standing of an organization within The American Legion Family of the sponsoring post.

Correctional Institution American Legion Color Guard Units:

There will be a special category award for color guard units of American Legion Posts that are located within a correctional facility in the state of Florida. These units can compete in either, or both of the competition categories. This competition will be by video submitted by the District Commander of the District in which the facility is located. The video must be compatible with the mp3

Entry Deadline:

The deadline for entries in this year’s competition will be May 15, 2018. Entries with a post mark later than that will not be accepted.

Entry Application:

To enter a color guard unit in the competition, the sponsoring post should submit a written request to enter either, or both competitions, on official post letter head addressed to the Department Sgt-at-Arms. The correspondence should contain the names of color guard unit members, and verify that they are members in good standing of the sponsoring post. The correspondence should be signed by the post commander and adjutant or other officer.

The entry request should be mailed to the Department of Florida, Attention: Jennifer Scowden, Special Events Coordinator, PO Box 547859, Orlando, FL 32810. The post will be notified that the competition entry request has been received.