Department of Florida

3rd Vice Commander


Michael Raymond, 3rd Vice Commander

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of you who supported me in my run to serve you as your Dept. 3rd Vice Commander. It was a tough battle running against this group of awesome Legionnaires, whose goal, like mine, is to move our organization forward. I have given you my oath, and promise not only to support our great American Legion, but to be at your service whenever and wherever I am needed.

My experience serving through the chairs has given me valuable experience in dealing with the daily issues that arise at every level of our organization. I live by the belief that there are no problems, only solutions. I believed that as a Post Commander, and I still believe now, as your Vice Commander. I’ve also promised to support our Dept. Commander Rick Johnson on his mission to turn things around this year. I believe in his theme, Service, Honor and Sacrifice. I support his belief that we must work hard and play hard. To give an honest effort to succeed, we must enjoy what we’re doing! We must have fun doing what we do! If not, what have we accomplished?

That is why we are going to start the year off with a little fun, and of course a little work. As you know Rick’s charities this year are COTA and PROJECT: VetRelief. I have agreed, (and I don’t know why), along with Rick to help in his fundraising goal to be part of a little thing we call “Curl’s for COTA”. Click here to donate now.

If we can raise $25k by fall conference, I will allow a children’s transplant recipient to cut my hair off on stage. If we raise $30k both Rick and I will get a “high and tight”, and finally if we raise $35k by Fall convention Rick will get his head shaved!

We are now 3 weeks into this challenge and have already raised close to $13k. That’s just one way to work hard and play hard! I’m in, are you? We have a great year in the planning stages with great Legionnaires in our chairman positions. We have new ideas in achieving our membership goals and dedicated officers from the Post level to Department. We have a chance this year to do great things! Remember, I am at your service 24-7 and just a phone call or e-mail away. And don’t ever forget, I WORK FOR YOU!

Michael Raymond
3rd Vice Commander
(618) 616-2753