Department of Florida

3rd Vice Commander


January 2018

Comrades: To Start with, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you had a great time with your family and friends. Always remember, when we were young, we were often away from home, in places that are a threat to our country, family and friends, remember, the troops who are now Standing The Watch.

The Beginning of the New Year is coming up, the Western Area and Northern Area Commanders are planning training for those who wish to move up in their posts and into the District in the next few months. District Commander’s, please reach out to your Area Commanders to schedule training, this is important for the Officers for next year, even if they continue in the position they currently hold, and a good time to bring up those who someday will take over.

Membership, March 31st is coming up for the Race to the Top, this is what is seen as of December 7th.

  • 1st District is at 73.45% needing only 1,564 renewals for 100%, Already Renewed 4,307 members
  • 2nd District is at 72.79%, needing only 360 renewals for 100%, Already Renewed 952 members
  • 3rd District is at 61.38%, needing only 670 renewals for 100%, Already Renewed 1,062 members
  • 4th District is at 80.46% needing only 664 renewals for 100%, Already Renewed 2,728 members
  • 5th District is at 71.68%, needing only 2,162 renewals for 100%, Already Renewed 5,435 members
  • 17th District is at 72.51%, needing only 992 renewals for 100%, Already Renewed 2,610 members

Districts Commanders, please contact those Posts who are behind the curve ball and see if you can assist them. Get your Vice Commanders to assist, this is part of the Vice Commander’s Training.

Do not forget the upcoming events, Post Oratorical Contests and Boys State Delegate Fees are due this month.

For Northern and Western Area, these are the following dates you need to be aware of:

  • January 1st, New Year Day
  • January 1st, American Legion Baseball Team Registration opens
  • January 3rd, Membership Goal of 85%
  • January 11th – 13th, Florida Legion College
  • January 15th, Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • January 19th – 21st, ALR Summit,
  • January 21st, Post Oratorical Contest Deadline
  • January 27th, Southern Area Ball
  • January 31st, Boys State Delegate Fee due to Department