Department of Florida

2nd Vice Commander


January 2018

This goal is very attainable by all Districts. Race to the top is a very proud achievement that can be done with a little work. I’m sure our Department Commander would love to see this happen. District officers, you have to get out there and help the Posts that are struggling a little and try to give them all the help they need. Your Vice Commanders and Department Membership Chairman and Department staff is here for you and now is the time to get some help and revitalize individual Post and Districts. Set it into action now.

There are 12 weeks left till March 31 2018 to attain that 100% that we would like to see. Here are the numbers needed to attain that goal by Districts and Areas and Department

District Cards needed for 100% Cards needed per week for 100%

Cards needed
for 100%
Cards needed
per week for 100%
1st  1061  88.41/week
2nd  244  20.3/week
3rd  489  40.75/week
4th  410  34.2/week
5th  1520  126.6/week
6th  1586  132.2/week
7th  449  37.4/week
8th  1316  109.7/week
9th  695  58/week
11th  353  29.5/week
12th  1600  133.5/week
13th  1773  148/week
14th  868  72.5/week
15th  800  67/week
16th  1786  149/week
17th  683  57/week
Central  3,035  253/week
Southwestern  3,089  257.5/week
Northern  3,102  259/week
Eastern  3,186  266/week
Western  1,305  109/week
Southern  1,916  160/week
Department  18,968  1,581/week

This is a tool for you to use to let your Districts/Areas to know what is needed. We can do this as we have to work together as a team and start now and help the Post that are struggling.

Need to start the letter process now and work My Legion a lot better than we are doing now and use the DMS that’s out there. Work those expired members now before it is too late. Thanks for all that you have been doing and keep up the great work. Remember this is a team effort.

Congrats to 7th District, 16th ,11th, 4th, 6th, 1st,2nd and the Central Area and Western Are for being above from last year’s totals.