Department of Florida

1st Vice Commander


Jerry Brandt, 1st Vice Commander

Comrades, I would like to thank those who supported me for this high office of 1st Vice Commander, of the proud American Legion, Department of Florida. I will do my best to represent you, my brothers and sisters, in the American Legion, the world’s largest Veterans Organization, in our needs to improve the lives of our Veterans, our families, and our communities and state. Again, thank you.

As a retired Navy Veteran, I see the need for the Chain of Command. We need to improve on the communication aspect of this chain. And a reminder, this chain goes up and down the links in the chain. The Post is the first link, if there is a problem within the Post, go to the first link, the Post Commander. 99% of the problems will be solved there. I will go up and down the chain, reaching out to the Area Commanders as well as the Department Commander.

I also believe in mentoring. We need to give a hand up to those who are coming up to take over an office or command. Do not let them fail. Remember when you were in the service, an E-1, who help you? An E-3 or E-4 explain to you what is needed, now repay that E-3 or E4 with helping someone else.

This year I will spend most of my time in the Eastern Area and Southern Area. Assisting the Area and District Commanders. We are planning training classes to be completed in the next 2 months, and additional classes in the spring, this will help us achieve a 100% membership goal.

Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Yours in Service

Jerry Brandt
1st Vice Commander
(904) 910-5201