Department of Florida

1st Vice Commander


January 2018

I hope everyone had a chance to relax a little and enjoy the holidays with their families because now is the hardest part of membership; the last few months. The year seems to start out strong but as you get towards the end, it gets harder and harder to reach your goal of 100%. But fear not, it can be done.

Have you been calling or sending out letters to your Post 400 members? Have you been calling your own Post members who haven’t paid their dues yet this year? What about those who didn’t renew last year or the year before? A phone call might do the trick. What about a membership rally? Remember, if you do one, be sure and get your Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion and Service Officer involved. Keep your District Commander informed. Attend local community events, look for the Veterans – get a conversation going – “Just Ask”.

Need more help? Once again, “Just Ask”. There is your District Commander (of course), the Area Commander, the Zone Commander, your Department Membership Chairman and last but not least, your Department Post Development/Revitalization Chairman. All are here to help you attain your membership goal of 100%. National can also get involved with a Post Revitalization.

This year we have been asking you to try and get your members email address as well as their phone number. This will help in future years to contact your members when necessary however, there has been a misunderstanding. This information as well as their birthday is nice to have but, it is NOT mandatory. If you don’t get this info, send the cards in anyway.

You also need to make sure you keep track of your programs; the paperwork side of them. You need to collect the cost and number of hours for each program as they progress monthly. That way it’s a lot easier to fill out the CPR’s and Addendums at the end of the year. These are due by May 5th.

Your Post Administrative Manual for January –
Boys State Registration Fee Deadline – January 31st ($450.00)

Last chance this year – the Florida Legion College will take place January 11 – 13. The prerequisite (the old ALEI Course) is now called “Basic Training”. It is still being taught at the Convention and Fall Conference plus you can still take it online thru National ( It is now FREE – no charge.

For God & Country,

Dianne M Boland
1st Vice Commander
(561) 315-0679