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March 2023


February has been quite a month. We started on the 1st of February with the planned visit from the National Commander to our state. Unfortunately, the National Commander, Jim Troiola, was unable to visit. However, the National Vice Commander for the Southeast Area, Patricia Harris, was able to take his place, as well as the NEC Jim Ramos, me, and Western Area Commander, Sonny Decker, to make up the visiting party.

The visit started on the 2nd of February in the Western Area, 2nd District; we were escorted by 2nd District Commander Roger Hewitt and his staff, to visit the States Capital. Department Legislature Chairman, Stuart Scott, took us through the Capital, visiting various organizations such as the Florida Veterans Affairs, and others who gave us a breakdown of what is happening for Florida Veterans.

We also visited the National Cemetery and met with the Color Guard from Post 13, who assisted with the funerals there. We also went to the VA Clinic in Tallahassee for a visit and a tour of the facilities.

On February 3rd, we visited Post 13, Post 82, Post 106 Memorial Park, and Post 116 Veterans Park, where the 1st District Riders from Post 392 began the escort. We said goodbye to 2nd District Commander Roger Hewitt and his team. We were escorted to our hotel and then on to Post 392.

For the next few days, we visited the following Posts, 402, 356, 375, 75, 221, 296, 235, 382, 378, 340, 240, 33, 193. We were escorted not only by the 1st District Commander, Ronnie Grover, and his staff, but also by the ALR from the 1st District. Each and every Post turn out for the meet and greets shined, and you could feel the friendship in the air. However, I would be remiss in not mentioning that we attended several “Four Chaplains Ceremony” during this time, and each one was done extremely well. Thank you all for your Service in remembering those who have fallen.

I indicated that February was a busy month, on February 26th to March 1st is the Washington Conference, in which American Legion Members speak with our representatives in Washington. Pushing for the programs which will assist our fellow veterans. This will accumulate on March 1st, with the National Commander giving the American Legion report to the Joint Session of Congress.

As always, if you need something, please let me know, so I can assist.

Jerry Brandt
Alternate National Executive Committee Member