Department of Florida

Membership Chairman

Congratulations and thank you to the Post  and District Commanders, along with the Membership Chairpersons on each level who have made the first leg of our journey to 100% more than a hope!

After just three months into the Florida Legion year, we have reached the halfway point in membership.

Percentage-wise Groveland Post 239 continues to grow their membership roles  at 150%. A 50% increase over their goal for the year.  If they keep the present pace, Post 239 could be at 200% of the year’s goal and double their membership.

The other 100% Posts in the Department are:

  • 2nd District Post 172 Hosford and Post 84 Havana
  • 5th District Post 102 Hastings
  • 14th District Post 145 Islamorada
  • 2nd  District Post  84  Havana
  • 2nd District Post  172  Hosford
  • 11th District Post 62   Stuart

By the time you read this, Posts 166 and 188, Homosassa and Stuart will join the 100% club.

Speaking of Islamorada, despite the challenges facing the Posts in the Keys, more than half the Posts in the 14th District have achieved the first membership goal of the year; ranging from the 87% of Post 168 Key West to the 52% of Post 333 and 154, Key Largo and Marathon respectively. As their infrastructure improves on the islands, we trust that they will keep the pace in the coming weeks.

Its October, we have completed the first phase of this year’s Membership Plan: Training. The belief is that if we are well trained in our “volunteer” jobs we will do a better job at not only gathering memberships, but in helping those in our veteran community get the assistance they need.

And speaking of Training, congratulations to 12th District Commander Bruce Thurber for a well organized, attended and informative District meeting held at Post 1, where PDC “Gunner” Dudley is back as Post Commander. His use of PowerPoint  to backup what was being said, a concise agenda and a focused plan for his District was on display. This can be duplicated for those Posts with the resources. This is what can encourage higher meeting attendance and participation. I’ve Posted some of the photos on Facebook.

This month we’re asking for another push in Direct Mail Solicitation(DMS) transfers.  Membership Chairpersons should take a look at the listing obtained from the Department or from and offer these members a Post home. Edit  the suggested call script in the Membership Training Manual to fit your situation when calling these members.

Remember, any member whose name is marked “AD” on that list can be converted and will count on the Post membership Rolls THIS YEAR!

What are we offering? Their membership funds will support local programs and veterans directly. Each Post can add those benefits specific to their Post. The Call should only take 5 minutes and if a team is put together at the Post level, the calls can be made from anywhere.  Can’t call them. Send them a letter on Post letterhead. It costs nothing for the incoming member.  Give me a call if you need assistance.

We are less than 8% away from making the November membership goal Department-wide. We can do this!

Each One, Bring Five!

Fred Matthews
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida

Weekly Reports – May 17, 2018

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Weekly Reports – May 17, 2018
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LEGION REPORTS Department Membership Summary Post Membership Summary SAL REPORTS Detachment Membership Summary Squadron Membership Summary