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March 2022

Greetings, fellow Historians:

I apologize for not submitting for the past few months.

As we approach the end of the current year, I want to say that it has been a pleasure to serve as your Department Historian for the past two years. Right now, Post Historians should be gathering their information and compiling it into their preferred format for judging. Remember, there are only two categories this year: History Book (Scrapbook) and Narrative. If you need information or training, I again ask you, especially the Riders, to contact me through Department, and I can email that information to you.
There’s not more to say: I monitor the events taking place and will make every effort to include them in the Department’s History book for submission to National. You may not be aware, but the Department of Florida was awarded Third Place for Narrative Book For 2021-22.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you on the trail.

Philip r. Crouthamel
Department Historian