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October 2022

Got back from the National convention. Learned a lot and even had some fun.

Things right now are quiet. Hopefully, you are working on your history books. Remember, this year, there will be only two categories: Narrative and Yearbook. Narrative yearbooks are defined by chapters, while a yearbook is a chronological order of your post events. If you need any training materials, please email me and I will send them to you.

To get you started, go to the Post Officer’s manual, and you will find the Post Histories section starting on page 125. I will send updated Historian Manuals once it is updated.

I will teach a Historian class at the Department Fall Conference in November. I am working on updating the training material to be more informative and with more illustrations. The course is only an hour, and I believe you might find it informative. If you cannot attend, email me, and I will send you what you need. The main presentation will be in PowerPoint.

Again, if you need anything, get in contact with me.

Philip r. Crouthamel
Department Historian