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December 2021

Resolution #5 Officer and Chairman Certification of Service

The National American Legion Organization investigated the Department of Florida this past year. One issue found was that we had a department officer that wasn’t qualified to be an officer.  Through the investigation, it was determined that the officer was never in the service.

Resolution #5

RESOLVED: That it is required that before the induction into office, every officer and national chairman of The American Legion provide satisfactory evidence of honorable military service proving eligibility for membership in The American Legion as follows;

(A) Eligibility for American Legion membership of post officers will be certified by their post adjutant with notification to their department adjutant
(B) Eligibility for American Legion membership of department officers will be certified by their respective department adjutant with notification to the national adjutant; and
(C) Eligibility for American Legion membership of national officers, National Executive Committeeman, Alternate National Executive Committeeman, commission chairman, and committee chairman, after an initial review by the national judge advocate, will be certified by the national adjutant to the National Executive Committee; and be it further

RESOLVED, that any member with aspirations of future national leadership in The American Legion may, at any time, submit one’s proof of eligibility for American Legion membership to the office of the national judge advocate; and be it finally

RESOLVED; That Resolution No. 591, Certification of Service Record of American Legion Officers, passed by the Thirteenth National Convention in 1931 is hereby Superseded and rescinded.

The importance of verification will avoid unforeseen problems in the future for Posts and Department.

Dennis Boland
National Executive Committeeman
[email protected]