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March 2023

Our National Southeastern Area Vice Commander, Patricia Harris, visited our Western Area February 1-7, 2023 (the 1st and 2nd Districts). Our National Commander, Jim Troiola was unable to attend. Visitation started in the 2nd District in Tallahassee and traveled to the 1st District from Panama City to Pensacola, visiting Posts. The following schedule is where the National Commander will visit next:

Areas Legion Years
Southern 2023-2024
Northern 2024-2025
Eastern 2025-2026
Southwestern 2026-2027
Central 2027-2028

And Back to the Western Area in 2028-2029.

So now you know when the National Commander is coming to your Area and District, so you can begin to make it a great visit. Take many pictures and enjoy the National Commander by showing your Post off to see who is the better Post in your Area and your District.

Please be up to date with what is going on at National by going to for information and at the Department level by going to for information. Stay informed and keep your members up to date. Please have your members sign up for a account, as there are many things they can do and get to know about just by going to their accounts.

Try to get all your members to do the Basic Training online, which is free. The course take some time to complete, but they will learn a lot and become better informed. Also, it will help your Post out, support Post programs, and they will more likely to attend Post meetings, which is excellent.

As your NEC, I’m here to assist you with information, planning, and whatever you need to improve your Post to be the best in the Department of Florida.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by phone at 352-226-4370 or email to

Jim Ramos
National Executive Committee Member

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