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3rd Vice Commander

Michael Raymond
3rd Vice Commander

January 2021

Legion + Community = Success

I believe that there is no better time of the year than this holiday season to emphasize just how important it is for Posts to be involved in their local communities. Many Post families have made a point of helping our less fortunate by getting involved with toy drives and supplying meals during this giving time. One of the most impressive shows of support is from our very own Legion Riders. Every year during the Christmas season, hundreds of Riders host Christmas parties and then head out to help Santa deliver toys and gifts to children around the State. There is nothing more precious than the look on a small child’s face when they hear 20 or 30 Harley Davidson’s roar up through their neighborhood and stop in front of their house where they see good ole St Nick dismount with a big bag of toys straight from the North Pole! I personally have been involved in this ride for the past ten years and those are some of the best memories I will never forget. It’s also a fact that in some cases, these may be the only presents these kids get.

It is so important to our existence to be deeply involved in your community. Invite local organizations to meet at your post. Having an open house is a great way to invite the locals to come in and see what you do. Hold a children’s Christmas party and invite the public. If you have a County Veteran’s Council, be sure to designate someone from your Post to attend every meeting, then bring the information back to your members. Also, you can let other Veteran’s organizations in on your Post activities. So please get involved and watch your Post grow!

I’d like to congratulate all the Post’s that are following the CDC and Department guidelines during this nasty pandemic. Through my travels I’ve noticed most of you are following the rules, but there are a few out there who are taking unnecessary chances that need not be taken. Please be careful, but most of all…be smart! Have a wonderful Holiday season and we will see you next year.

Michael Raymond
3rd Vice Commander
(618) 616-2753