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3rd Vice Commander

Michael Raymond
3rd Vice Commander

October 2020

All About You!

Sometimes there’s just more questions than answers. If I wear a mask, do I have to social distance? If I social distance do I have to wear a mask? Which functions should I attend, and which should I stay away from? If a zoom meeting is an alternative should that be utilized? Should I wear pants? To answer any of these questions you must first ask, what is best for you?

As you all may know, restrictions have been loosened quite a bit in recent week but that does not relieve you of your duty to protect those around you. We have all received some guidance from Department on down the line to limit our exposure. This can be taken several ways. Number one is to limit what is subject to public scrutiny and number two is for the health and safety of our membership and the public. I attended two District meetings this past weekend and although each meeting was professionally run and informative, one required the use of masks and the other did not. The meeting without the masks got much more social media coverage than the one with the masks. Even some folks who were not wearing masks complained on social media about the lack of masks.

Bottom line is, we live in a democracy. We have our guidelines from our leaders and we really need to follow these guidelines until we are out of the woods, so to speak. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, please limit our social media to positive comments. If you feel someone is messing up by posting a not ready for public display photo, why not just send an email or maybe a phone call and let them know how you feel. Consider it a “buddy check”.

Due to the current situation our Department Conference has been postponed. The good news is that there will be courses provided by Department available very soon if not in progress via Zoom. Please take advantage of this training. You will be receiving more info through e-mail or just go to the Dept. website. Stay safe, be well.

Michael Raymond
3rd Vice Commander
(618) 616-2753