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3rd Vice Commander

May 2023

Honoring our Fallen Soldiers

Legions across the country will have programs dedicated to Memorial Day.

It is a ceremony when we pay homage to all those soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines who didn’t come home. Unlike Veterans Day, it’s not a celebration. It is a day dedicated to the cost of freedom. No duty is more important than returning thanks to our service members who fought for us. Veterans in every military service put their lives on the line to protect our land and liberty. They gave their lives for us and deserve to be recognized for that commitment. As we set that one day aside to honor and thank

them, please take into consideration that we should do this every day of the year. Personally, I will pray for the brothers and sisters I have lost in combat. I hope you will do the same. #oneteamonedream

Jessica Moore
3rd Vice Commander