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2nd Vice Commander

October 2022

A quarter of our membership year has gone by already, and we’re all busy in several directions. September has flown by so fast, and October is the same.

At National Convention, the “Be the One” campaign was presented. What is this you may ask?  It’s something that has been near and dear to me for 31 years. It’s not a new concept at all. It is a simple but very effective way to save veterans’ lives, possibly bring them into the fold among us, and strengthen our bond as brothers and sisters. ASK Veterans in your life how they are doing…LISTEN when a Veteran needs to talk… REACH OUT when a Veteran is Struggling. Plain, Basic, and Simple. I would love to see how many of us can “BE THE ONE.”  Ask yourself who will fight the fight when the last warrior is gone.

For more information on this, go to:

October will bring our American Legion Riders Merry Go Round, different training for all levels all over the place, a National membership goal of 55%, and some anniversaries such as Grenada /Operation Urgent Fury in 1983, Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut/1983, Operation Enduring Freedom/2001, Firefighters” Memorial Day Oct. 9th (Flags at ½ Staff Sunrise to Sunset), among others.  But also, on a lighter note, we have a Birthday salute to our US Navy on October 13th.  We will end our month as always with Halloween and many posts that do wonderful things for our children (and Adults)! So, needless to say, this will be a hectic month indeed!

As our Department Commander’s Area Training has been completed in September, I’m looking forward to being out on the road assisting and/or taking part with you. Let’s remember the 10 points of our Preamble, practice them in our daily lives, and Have Fun doing so. Remember that we all make a difference in some way, good or bad. Let’s make it for the Good side.

“Keep It Real”

Keep it Real!

Chris Hamrick
2nd Vice Commander