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2nd Vice Commander

Eunice Butts, 2nd Vice Commander

October 2020

Dear Comrades.

Hope you and your families are doing well during these trying and uncertain times. Today I would like to talk to you about “saving American Legion Posts in the state of Florida”. The Department Commander and his team went to Tallahassee to fight, beg, and plead for our posts to be open in the state of Florida. The mission was accomplished. How do we keep our Posts open? “Department let our elected officials know that we would abide by the CDC rules and let us police our own posts and social quarters.”

We must always show that image on social media, press releases, and all other forms of communication that has to do with The American Legion. The Department of Florida commander has requested that all officers for the Florida American Legion please adhere to wearing a mask as specified by the CDC and be sure and have mask on when taking pictures representing The Florida American Legion. When not eating or drinking please put your mask back on. You never know who is taking pictures and will post them on social media. Even though you have beverages in front of you and are drinking, the picture comes out that you are not wearing a mask. This gives a false illusion that guidelines are not being followed. You never know when someone from Tallahassee or anyone else will follow you on Facebook, etc. This is not over yet. We are in a trial period and it is up to us to follow guidelines so that posts may stay open.

District Commanders, please share this information with each of your posts. The members can make you or break you. When this happens, it is usually but not necessarily the members who do not attend meetings. Please share this information with the SAL and Riders. The Auxiliary is doing a very good job of following guidelines on wearing masks. The whole family must adhere to the guidelines. It only takes one post to destroy all the American Legion Posts of the Department of Florida.

I am sharing this with you because I care, and it has happened in my zone two times. My prayer is that each post can continue to help their veterans, children, youth, and communities. To do that you need
to be able to have fundraisers in your post homes. At the present time you are trying to catch up so that you may carry on in your endeavors.

Thanks to all the post who made their 50%,

I Eunice Butts, wrote this article from my heart. I was not coached or told by anyone to write this article. One portion was a quotation from a past department commander who did a beautiful job of explaining the reason of putting on the mask and following the CDC guidelines.

Thank you,
For God and Country,

Eunice Butts
2nd Vice Commander
(813) 247-4267