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2nd Vice Commander

Eunice Butts, 2nd Vice Commander

January 2021

Special Thanks and Working Together

It is with a compassionate and loving heart, that I wish you and your families a very successful, happy, and blessed New Year. As of this writing, 15th District and Central Area are in 2nd place in membership. Special thanks to Bruce Carl and Sid Damsgard – Zone 2 had a very rewarding end of the year with many Posts participating in Veterans Day programs and parades, Thanksgiving dinners to our homeless veterans, Wreaths Across America, Christmas, and Christmas dinners to the homeless, computers to students attending classes from home, and the list goes on. It appears that Covid-19 has increased our Posts caring and sharing concept. You are true legionnaires. Keep up the good works.

This is a very good month to do your “Buddy Check”. A friendly reminder to your members that their dues are expired. Congratulations to Posts 125, 317, 413, 26, 99, and 147 for making 100% by March 1, 2021. I know that you can do it. The first of the year will consist of visiting posts I have not yet visited yet. I have visited all but Post 11 in Zone 2.

If we would all do our jobs on each level of Leadership instead of trying to do another’s area, we would all do much better as District, Area, and Zone Commanders. Each sector has its own duties and responsibilities. It is very saddening when Posts don’t know their District Commander or Area Commander. We can do better. If you cannot follow the set guidelines for your position or you do not like the Department Commander and will not do the job, then resign from the position and let someone else who will do the job be assigned. Remember, “We are glorified volunteers” who come together to carry out the mission and duties of The American Legion. Let us all become loving, caring, peaceful, and respectful of each other’s opinion and ideas. Regardless of what position we hold, we make mistakes. Correct them and move on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of each Post and District meetings that I visited in 2020.

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.


Eunice Butts
2nd Vice Commander
(813) 247-4267