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2nd Vice Commander

Eunice Butts, 2nd Vice Commander

March 2021

Many Thanks

I want to thank the 8th District and the 13th District for your professional acceptance of The National Commander. Once again, I thank NEC Dennis Boland for choosing the Southwestern Area. Even though I could not be with you, I received many calls from Posts stating they enjoyed the visitation from The National Commander. I attended the dinner for The National Commander at Post 347. It is now time to continue our membership and programs. We have three weeks to try and get 100% membership.

I have been missing in action due to having a medical procedure done that required rest of the body and brains immediately afterwards. As most of you know, I always keep you informed about anything that involves my health. I can now accept calls, drive, and continue my regular daily activities. To each of you and your Post, I wish you an increase in your membership and programs.


Eunice Butts
2nd Vice Commander
(813) 247-4267