Department of Florida

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1st Vice Commander

September 2021

Work Membership

Greetings comrades. Hopefully, you and your Post are doing well. We are still in trying times with Covid, but I am happy to see that most of the Posts are open to carry on the business of The American Legion.

Now is the time to work DMS in addition to your standard membership. The buddy check is a very good way to secure some of your membership. It has proven to be a very valuable membership tool.

By now, most of your installations should be done. This year there is an award for 2021-2022 for making 75% by October 15, 2021. I would like to encourage all Posts in Zone 1 to compete for this early achievement award. The Post membership team will receive an early achievement award plaque and bronze coins. I would personally love to see each post receive 100% by November 15, 2021.

Your Area and District Commanders will be sending out communication for the upcoming training for officers. Please plan to attend as a lot of information has been updated, and you will need it to carry out your duties

Please continue to be careful out there. Even those who have had the vaccinations are contracting Covid. Let us respect each other in our perception of wearing or not wearing a mask. I wear a mask because I care about you as well as myself. I do not want to spread it to someone else and I do not want to receive the virus from anyone if possible. Let us please respect each other for our individual ideas.


Eunice Butts
1st Vice Commander