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1st Vice Commander

Jerry Brandt, 1st Vice Commander

October 2020
Webinar Training


We are slowly returning to normal, now we need to get back to the business of the American Legion. I was on a webcast with Bay Pine VA Hospital and I received the following take away,

  1. Eligible Veterans can receive their flu vaccines at no cost from a VA community partner starting Sept 1. *Veterans Service Organizations interested in hosting a flu vaccine clinic may contact BPVAHCS Public Affairs at for more information.
  2. VA working to ensure all Veterans have telehealth access through new Digital Divide Program. VA healthcare providers are identifying Veterans who do not have video-capable devices. Beginning Sept 15, healthcare providers can request video-capable devices to be loaned to eligible Veterans through the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program

Again, this was provided by the Bay Pine VA Hospital. However, if you are a Post that is having problems bringing in new members, reach out to your local VA hospital or clinic, to see if your Post can host a Flu Vaccine Clinic. The VA will contact all Veterans in the area to attend. This will get the Veterans in your doors, then it is up to you to sell the American Legion Programs.

As for Zone 3, as of September 10th, 4th District is leading the pack for the Traveling Membership Trophy. We need to keep looking for ways to increase our membership, Buddy Calls are one way to keep in touch with our fellow veterans. Many of our brothers and sisters are at home, afraid to get out due to this virus. Reach out to them and let them know you care, and are thinking of them.

I keep hearing that there is no communication coming out of Department, information is coming out. It comes out via The Legion Link, at District Meetings, Legion Websites, the same way information has been sent out for a number of years. Part of the problem everyone is experiencing is the missing Conventions and Fall Conferences, where a lot of our information comes from. Without our Convention and Fall Conference, we lost access to an avenue to receive needed information. We need to find other routes to get access to this information.

One way to get this needed information is that the Department is working on various training Web-ex’s, that came out in the middle of September. These are designed to assist local Post Officers in training that is desperately needed by our Posts. They are still available to view at any time, use them now to train your replacement. Please review the series of Web-ex’s as they come out and use them at your Post.

As always, keep safe, and let your chain of command know if something is needed.

Yours in Service

Jerry Brandt
1st Vice Commander
(904) 910-52001