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1st Vice Commander

Jerry Brandt, 1st Vice Commander

January 2021
Upcoming Events and Chairmanship

Comrades, It is a Happy New Year; I hope life finds you well. A lot has changed in the past year, and some has remained the same. Now is the time to look at potential new officers in your Post and in your District. Are the potential officers trained? Are they ready for an unknown year ahead? Have you been doing YOUR job in mentoring them? If not, any problems that comes up in the next year will be on YOU. Take the time to train and mentor them for the job ahead, be a friend and assist them in doing their job.

A lot is going on in January and February. Besides the District meeting, you have:

  • American Legion Baseball Registration Opens on January 1st. If you want an American Legion Baseball team, now is the time get a team together.
  • Boys State Registration Fee Deadline on January 6th.
  • Oratorical Post Contest ends on January 17th.
  • National Commander’s visit will be in the 8th and 13th Districts, starting on February 3rd to February 8th.
  • ALR Summit will be held at Avanti Palms Resort in Orlando, FL. February 3rd to February 6th.
  • On February 7th is the Four Chaplain’s Remembrance Day.
  • February 7th, District Oratorical Contest Deadline.

A number of Legionnaires ask me about Chairmanship, if you want me to look at you as a Chairman, please use the Florida Legion Website, at, this is the best way for me to choose new Chairs for the various communities. While a lot of good Legionnaires ask for a position, it is often forgotten in the rush, please fill out the Chairmanship form.

As always, let me know what I can do to assist you, your Post, your District.

Yours in Service

Jerry Brandt
1st Vice Commander
(904) 910-52001