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1st Vice Commander

November 2023

Hello, fellow Legionnaires,
It’s been a productive month for our Department during October, with several meetings and events happening around our state. I have been traveling, working on membership ideas with Posts, and showing them ways to improve their numbers in person. It’s much easier for me to show and work alongside you than to tell you how. So, reach out to me, and I’ll get with you.

I’m looking forward to a super fun and busy November. There are great things going on everywhere, every weekend all the way through Thanksgiving. Our Department membership team is Rock Stars, led by Bruce Carl. He constantly updates information generated weekly and sometimes more often than that. Remember folks, communication is the key to our success. Let’s not wait until we’re in a jam to reach out. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to heading off issues. If you need assistance with Revitalizing your Post, reach out to our Revitalization Chair, Judith Richard. Include your Area Membership and District Membership team in your communication as well. There are resources all around. We merely need to utilize them.

As we’re nearing the year’s halfway mark, we need to keep our momentum. Work with one another, share ideas, and reach out again for assistance if needed. I love all of you, and we’re a strong family. I’ll see you on the road. Keep it Real. Peace!

Chris Hamrick
1st Vice Commander