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1st Vice Commander

Jerry Brandt, 1st Vice Commander

March 2021

Mentorship & End of Year Reports

First off, I would like to thank Post 347, the 8th and 13th District Commanders and their staff, as well all the Post Commanders and their staff for the outstanding visit and reception that the National Commander and his escort received. Everywhere we visited, everyone was friendly and attended to the National Commander. The Southwestern Area made Florida proud. Again, Thank You.

This is the time of year to start looking at the future, by now you have had the First Call for Candidates’ for office for your incoming Post Officers. The question is, are they ready? A good leader should always think ahead, what happens if I cannot continue? Who will take my place? What will happen to the team, the Post? While visiting the Posts, I find that many of the officers are elected to a position that they do not know anything about. For example, National Commander, Bill Oxford, indicated at his first Post Meeting, he was elected Commander of the Post. Others indicated had they became the finance officer, or adjutant. They did not know what to do. Would you? If this happens, would your Post step up and help? Please say yes. Please mentor them.

The Year End Reports will be coming up soon. Please start gathering your information together for Department and National reports, if you have not already done so. However, you may want to make of list of those programs you assisted with this past year and POST it so your membership can see what THEY did for our Veterans, Children and Youth and the Community. Why? To me, it is with pride that I indicate we are working on upgrading a Community Veteran Park. Or, we get a Special Olympics award for assisting the Children. Or that our Riders gave funds to Vet Relief or National Legacy Fund. I am sure your Post members will feel the same way, with pride.

I am still looking for Chairs for the upcoming year for Department. What does that mean? It means I and Florida American Legion needs help. We have many programs within the Department of Florida. Programs that take a strong Chair to get the word out. Please go to Florida Department Website and fill out a request to be one of Florida’s leaders.

Yours in Service

Jerry Brandt
1st Vice Commander
(904) 910-52001