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1st Vice Commander

March 2023

With the Riders summit coming to a close, it occurred to me just how much our members want to grow in our organization. I don’t have the actual numbers, but from what I saw in my own class and the classes I attended, there is a real thirst for the knowledge that is required to run a Post, District, and Department. Information is only as good as how it is presented. The key is to make it interesting and make it fun! We learned that in kindergarten. Let’s face it, sitting in a classroom for hours can be challenging, but if the presentation is interesting and keeps the students involved, more information will be heard and understood. I believe that happened during this latest Riders Summit, and we had fun doing it!

Now the hard part. Taking this information back to your Post and sharing it. Two very important points I made during my presentation were straightforward. Membership runs your Post. All decisions are discussed and voted on. Also, you are a Legionnaire, Son, or Auxiliary member first and foremost. The final decision always comes down to the vote of these members. Remember, no matter what we do in life, make it fun and gratifying. If not, It’s not worth doing.

Michael Raymond
1st Vice Commander