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1st Vice Commander

October 2022

After a very interesting and informative National Convention, I try to take away as much as possible to bring back to our Department. One of the things I heard from many speakers is the word purpose. I’ve used this word in many of my addresses and plan on making it a critical talking point in the future. Simply put, my use of the word is that all posts in our Department should have a purpose. Every Post should have a reason to exist. They should be a power in the community. The community must know that if there is a need, we are there for them. If there are questions concerning Veterans, we are there to answer them. If there is a Veteran project planned in the community, we want to lead it. One of our most important strengths is volunteerism. Our Posts wouldn’t exist without it. Each Post needs to find their purpose with Veterans in the community and build on it.

Another good example of purpose has to do with the National Commanders project “Be The One.”  As we all know, Veteran suicide is an epidemic in our country. One thing is very clear as we continue to find ways to deal with this issue.  We need to give our Veterans a purpose in life before and after we serve. Many of these Veterans find that they no longer have a purpose after the military. That’s where we come in. Be the one to reach out to these Veterans and offer your time. A phone call, a visit, or an invitation to your post function. Try to get them involved and give them that purpose that they so desperately need. Be The One!

Michael Raymond
1st Vice Commander