Department of Florida


Thank you for your confidence and support as your Department Commander.

Our new course has been charted and our challenges are many.  We are well underway as we improvise, adapt, and overcome all obstacles before us.

Our legacy began July 1st, by Securing the Future for All Veterans!  We must focus our immediate attention on membership renewal so we can support many other unique programs, activities, and events that will bridge the gap into the future.

The Department, Area, and District Officers have been elected by their peers and have taken their oath of office to serve and support.  Congratulations!  We are well underway with the rapid planning process of making our Florida American Legion a force to be reckoned with once again.

The Department Chairman have been appointed and are in a rapid planning mode to provide Florida with program information and support.

Our Leadership retreat is behind us providing the essential Florida leadership with the tools necessary to meet and exceed the goals ahead!  During the recent Annual Convention, several changes were made, discussed, voted upon to move our American Legion into the future.

To ensure that we maintain a fierce momentum as we prepare to end one century and patiently wait for the next to begin, we know have created three statewide zones that each have two areas embedded within.  Each zone is assigned to a Department Vice Commander who has the overarching authority to promote membership, programs, and training within the assigned Areas, Districts, and Posts.  This will be accomplished by the Area Commanders, District Commanders, and District Vice Commanders.  To ensure that the duties and responsibilities are maintained at all levels, the Zone Vice Commander will conduct a quarterly evaluation of the Area, District and District Vice Commanders. The Department Vice Commanders will receive a quarterly evaluation to ensure that their assigned zones are performing in the fashion expected and that all goals are being achieved per the Department Commander.

Let us gear up our membership renewal and maintain a feverish momentum that will carry us forward.  Installations are underway and will be completed soon.  We have plenty on our plates that will keep us busy for some time.  Let’s work together to achieve the success that Florida deserves.  We can do this!

In closing, heed this empowering statement:

Leadership is not about a title or a designation.  It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.  Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team – mates and customers.        **Robin S. Sharma

For God & Country,

Steve Shuga
Department Commander