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VA Entitlements

September 2021

Homeless and Resource for Recent Combat Vets

On August 5th – myself, Doug Deierlein, post 69 Commander, Kim Deierlein, post 74 Commander, and Judy Casey, post 69 Assistant Service Officer had the privilege to help Jim Burke deliver supplies and do buddy checks with the homeless in Fort Pierce. Every one of the homeless we spoke with said the biggest thing they need is someone to talk to, the second was bug spray and water. We got asked one question, why we are helping, I replied we would never leave a comrade behind.

National VA Homeless Hotline (877)424-3838

Free Health Care for Recent Combat Vets

Combat veterans who were discharged or released from active service on or after January 28, 2003, are eligible to enroll in the VA Health Care System for five years from the date of discharge or release. The enrollment period begins on the discharge or separation date of the service member from active-duty service, or in the case of multiple call-ups, the most recent discharge date. Veterans, including activated Reservists and National Guard members are eligible if they served on active duty in a theater of combat operations after November 11, 1998, and have been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.

This information was from the Florida Veterans Benefits Guide 2021 Page 10.

Larry Roberts
VA Entitlements