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February 2023

This is the first Legion Link of the new year for me. The January Link was typed in December. This one is in January. Now is the time to put the final touches on all your Programs for the Year and get your information together to give to your Post Commander and Adjutant so they can include it in the annual CPR. I would like to hear what is going on as well. My email is I would like to get your post the recognition that it deserves for the programs that it operates. Does your post have a National Security Chairman? If it does not, maybe your post is still doing National Security Programs like Blood Donor Events, Participating in Disaster Preparedness, and providing Disaster Relief. ROTC Medals is a National Security Program, but it is often combined with School Medals. Law and Order Programs, Law Enforcement Person of the Year, EMT of the Year, and Fire Fighter of the Year fall under National Security. And the last big category is color guard and rifle team and ceremonies performed at wakes and funerals.

As I said, I would like to hear about all your programs. Send me an email, and I will get the word out for you and hopefully get your post some recognition at the Department Convention. This brings me back to where I started. CPRS are due in early May, so you still have time to complete these programs and get the reporting done. Don’t let the American Legion remain the best-kept secret in America. As a former Post, District, and Area Commander, I always asked on my visitations, “If your Post closes tomorrow, will anyone notice? Word on the street is getting better, but it can get better still. Take care of your volunteers, get your reports done, nominate your people and Posts for rewards, and have a physical presence in the community.

Raymond Olsen
National Security Chair