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October 2022

What can my Post do?

What kind of events can you hold in support of National Security?  In my first article, I mentioned the programs that fall under the National Security Pillar.  You can check out the National CPR form to refresh your memory.  What other things can we be doing to support National Security efforts?  We need to support active duty families and our active duty members by ensuring they get paid during Government stoppages.  We must ensure that they have adequate Housing and Medical Care.  How can we do that?  Letter-writing campaigns and phone calls to our elected members of Congress are reasonable solutions.  There are newsletters from National Security to which you can subscribe.  There are email alerts that come from National Security and the Legislative commissions to which you can subscribe.  The Department of Florida holds a March on Tallahassee every year, which you can support by contacting your state Representatives and Senators and those members of the Legislative Commission participating.

You can think outside the box.  Look at some of our recent conflicts and how they escalated.  Many more times than not, it was the result of a shortage of grains and food that caused citizens to revolt against their government or countries to rebel against other countries.  The first thing Russia did in the Ukraine was to shut down their ports so they could not import or export grain, fuel, etc.  Ukraine has had no option but to respond in the manner they have.  It will eventually cause Russia to lose the conflict, short of a nuclear option.  What can we do as posts in America?  Many posts near military installations have surpluses of MREs that they donate to Posts for disaster preparedness.  There are many local food banks that we can support through voluntarism and contributions to ensure that our needy veterans are served.

I am reminded of the George Washington quote (that did not really come from him, according to some sources) that I have heard throughout my time in the American Legion.  “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive how the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”  We have to ensure that our Veterans are cared for, their descendants and family members are cared for, and that they are respected and welcomed home. Otherwise, no one will volunteer for service to their country.  The more active our posts are in their community, the better our reputation will be and the stronger our National Security will be.

Thank you for reading.  Email me if you have a program or event you would like to share with the Department or other Posts.

Raymond Olsen
National Security Chair