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SAL Advisor

February 2023

You should have all received the news that the Sons can now renew their dues online via This can be great news, or it can be a nightmare. First, each member needs to sign up for a account. As we all know, or should, it is not difficult to set up an account. Help the members get an account if they need to. Set aside some time at the monthly meeting to get the members at the meeting to sign up. Second, give some guidance on how to work in the MyLegion account. Don’t assume everyone can “figure it out” on their own. Third, train the Adjutant how to go in and look up who did pay by computer. This can be an excellent tool for the Sons. Help them get started. If any help is needed, you can contact me or Bruce Thurber, Department Membership, for assistance.

Richard Smith
SAL Advisor