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Legion College

October 2022

New Student Application 2023

Florida American Legion College (FALC), New application is now on the website; just go to and select (News & Event) and go down to (Florida legion College) click (Learn More) and go down to application and download and print the application and follow all the instructions and mail it in or email It, the deadline is

February 3rd, 2023.

Do Basic Training online by going to and this must be done within 2 years of applying.

*What is your goal in the future for the American Legion Department of Florida? Or how can you assist the Department of Florida?

*What can you do for the betterment of your Post, District, and the Department of Florida?

You need to do Basic Training online before coming or applying to attend Florida American Legion College. (Attach a copy to your application) “Florida American Legion College is on Feb 16-19, 2023”

Make sure you have your email, phone number, and address so we can communicate back and forth.  Also, when you send your application, with a check for $200.00, we will let you know within 2 weeks that we have received your application and whether or not you have been accepted to attend the college.  (If you do not hear from us within 16 days of you mailing in your application, please call me.)

You must be ready to work hard and long hours each day and we are not finished until the homework and group assignments are completed then we are done.

Remember that FALC is $200.00 to apply, and every application will be checked before you can attend. Please note it is required to have your home address, email address, and phone number for us to contact you. If you do not get an email or reply from us within 2 weeks after you sent your application to the Department of Florida, please call me at 352-226-4370 or email at

If you still have questions email or call me at 352-226-4370; I will answer your questions.

Jim Ramos
Legion College Chair