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Legion College

March 2023

Florida American Legion College has taken place. Prepare for next year.

We will have one next year (2023-2024), and the incoming Department Commander will pick the date.

If you have not done or need to renew basic training, now is a suitable time to get it done then add a copy of your certificate and attach it to your application for the next FALC.

The Florida American Legion College (FALC) is intended to teach the principles and techniques necessary for effective leadership at the next levels within the Department of Florida. The successful graduate will possess the education and skills required to program and lead at the District level and higher.

All course materials will be supplied to each student. As a student, please have your laptop or Computer for assignments and other work for the group and class assignments.

Be ready to work hard and long hours. Follow the dress code (for men, Legion Polo type shirts and slacks), and (for women, Legion appropriate parallel dress) is business casual.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by phone at 352-226-4370 or email to

Jim Ramos
Legion College Chair