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Legion College

September 2021

American Legion College 2021

We all know how training is a top priority at our Posts, Districts and Department. Training greatly benefits our Legionnaires. I’m asking you to come to the Florida American Legion College (FALC) to learn more. I know some of you have attended American Legion Extension Institute, which has been replaced with basic training, Leadership Education and Development also known as LEAD training. Now is time for you to step up and learn more by coming to the FALC.

The FALC will take place in Orlando at Department Headquarters December 16-19, 2021. All applications must be in by November 19, 2021, and your payment of $200.00 to attend. The application is online for all the Legion families, and yes, I know the Auxiliary and the SAL have their own training, but we are happy to have you come and learn more with FALC. The more you know, the better the Legion family gets so we can help each other on all our programs.

The Florida American Legion College is intended to teach the principles and techniques necessary for effective leadership at the next levels within the Department of Florida. The successful graduate will possess the education and skills necessary to provide program and leadership at the district level and higher.

Some of the Topics:

  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Communicate using face to face, social media and email
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Team building to set and accomplish goals
  • Develop, instruct, and support the Post, District, and Department level training platform
  • Salesmanship and marketing (Community networking strategies)
  • Training tips to aid your Post members

All course materials will be supplied to each student. As a student you can use your laptop group and class assignments.

Please remember the following:

  • Submit your Florida American Legion College application with the $200.00 fee
  • Be ready to work hard and full days
  • Follow the dress code, Legion polo and slacks (no jeans or shorts)

More information can be found on the application.

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at 352-226-4370 or email at

Jim Ramos
Legion College Chair