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Disaster Preparedness

February 2023

New Deadline for Hurricane Relief is Approaching
National Headquarters has pushed back the National Emergency Fund (NEF) application deadline! Department Adjutant, Bruce Comer, petitioned an extension due to the severity of the damage, the volume of applications, and obtaining appropriate documentation (i.e., insurance evaluations, repair estimates, etc.). As a result, the recommendation for a 45-day extension was granted.

The new cutoff date to submit NEF applications is Thursday, February 9th. If you were evacuated or displaced due to the storms, be sure to send your application and all required documents before the deadline. Remember, this is a benefit to your Legion membership. Therefore, membership is required during the time of the storm.

To date, National has given out $343,809.75 to 118 members and 7 Posts. Additionally, this past month our Department started to supplement National’s funding to provide additional support to NEF applicants who experienced major damage. Department also issued grants to applicants who were not eligible through NEF due to not being evacuated or displaced or because their membership expired at the time of the storm. As a result, Department has granted $265,525 to 115 individuals and 7 Posts.

The Department Headquarters Staff is here to help and is fully dedicated to assisting members through the application process. Please contact 407-295-2631 or for any questions or additional information.


Bill Hoppner
Disaster Preparedness