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August 2022

The Baseball Executive Committee has been very busy over the last several months as we started the 2022 Legion Season on June 1st opening day and over the last 6 weeks preparing for the State Tournaments for the Sr. Teams July 20th – 24th and the Jr. Teams July 28th – 31st played in Jacksonville.

There has never been a time in our history when all of the American Legion Programs have been more needed and important for kids, families and even our entire country than today and going forward.

Our Americanism, Patriotism and Pride in our nation is under attack every day and our youth are being bombarded from all directions that America and our Flag is not something worth being proud of.

As the Chairman of our Department Baseball Program, I am proud to say We Are Founded and Solid on our commitment to Service, Honor, Respect and Love for our Country.

Our players, coaches, parents and program supporters are all in one accord….AMERICANISM.

At the time of submitting this article for the August Link, I do not know who our State Champion Team is as we have not played the State Tournament yet, however I can tell you that this is going to be the most competitive State Tournament we have had in many years. Usually there are a few teams that really stand out above the rest, but this year all teams are loaded with talent and and have a chance to win the State Tournament and represent the Department of Florida in the SE Regional and even hopefully on to the Legion World Series.

For those who support and believe in our program and mission, I say THANK YOU and you rock. For those that do not, I say shame on you, whether you like baseball or not, you have to like the kids, families and communities we serve and what we stand for….right?

We need your support and involvement in our program, we start our planning for the 2023 season in September to have our Baseball Manual, updates and event dates ready for the fall conference.

If you would be interested in serving in our mission, please contact me or one of the Area Commissioners. All contact information is listed on our Baseball Site at

Thank You and Blessings

Terry Phillips
Baseball Chair