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May 2021

Americanism: Brass Grommets

As you may have heard, the Florida Department of the American Legion is collecting the brass flag grommets from retired US Flags.  Many Posts have set up teams of veterans to sit at their Posts and cut the grommets off the flag before being retired or they have salvaged them from the fire pits where the flag was burned.  Either way is fine.  BUT WE WANT YOU TO KEEP THE GROMMETS.

The idea is to gather as many of these as we can each year, so that they can ultimately be melted down into something of value. Imagine a beautiful brass piece of art made of retired US flags that can be awarded each year as a traveling trophy to the Post with the Best Americanism program or maybe a beautiful brass monument to be displayed at our Dept HQ made from the melted grommets.  Please start collecting those grommets today!  Once you have a good quantity, you can contact me personal at or bring them to the Dept Convention so we can fill up a fifty-five (55) gallon barrel with them.  Let’s see what District can have the most participation.

Kurt Gies
Americanism Chair