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Western Area Commander

John Eden, Western Area Commander

May 2021

Western Area News

Western Area is showing steady progress towards 100% membership this year and I have high hopes that we will make that goal.  KEEP recruiting.  I realize that the recent MYLEGION program changes are hampering membership right now, but the National staff is improving this weekly.  If any Post is still having MYLEGION membership entry problems, I encourage you to get ahold of your District Commander and he will quickly get you back on track.

You may have heard the rumor that we were considering dissolving our 2nd District and spitting those Posts between 1st District and the Northern Area Districts.  However, 2nd District has decided to remain, and they have selected an excellent staff for next year.  They have a lot of small Posts that we are considering consolidating, but I look forward to working with this eager new staff.

Annual (CPRs and Addendums) Reports are due this month and we need to work hard on getting these done for National and State as soon as we can.  Don’t wait to the last minute; get those reports in as soon as possible.  It only takes a few hours with the help of your staff.

Our Area has managed to stay safe from the COVID Virus for the most part.  I have heard of very few cases in very few Posts.  Let’s keep this up by staying smart about how we socialize.  Everyone stay healthy and keep your distance.  I look forward to seeing as many Posts as possible here in May and June.  Thanks again for everyone’s hard work.

John Edens
Western Area Commander