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Western Area Commander

John Eden, Western Area Commander

January 2021

Western Area News

I waited to the last minute to get this report in again, because of changes to the current pandemic and states laws or ordnances in reference to the pandemic. Most medical experts still believe the “social distancing” will continue for many months to come. I want to start off with special prayers for all our Legionnaire Family for a new and hopefully uneventful 2021 new year!

1st and 2nd Districts continue to thrive (with all the pandemic virus in the air.) Several Post at 100% and many more getting very close. We continue using the phone (Buddy Checks and video chat programs to talk to our members, to hold meetings and to find out who needs help or assistance. The Buddy Checks are working, but the old word-of-mouth at special events is increasing our new members. We need to keep this up for the good of the Legion. We just need to keep working on “social distancing and wearing a mask” as appropriate and especially for social media photos.

Our two Posts that are making major repairs after major hurricanes are working hard to get their Posts back open. A special thanks to all the Posts and the community for helping Post 375 (Hurricane Michael damage) and Post 33 (Hurricane Sally damage) in recent fund raisers. The two Commanders have done an outstanding job on Post rebuilding over the past year.

Everyone stay healthy and keep your distance for now. I look forward to seeing everyone as soon as this national emergency pandemic has eased up to the point of allowing larger groups to meet again. Thanks again for everyone’s hard work.

John Edens
Western Area Commander