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Western Area Commander

October 2022

All the installations of officers for the Post were completed during the first two weeks of August. Congratulations to all the officers and the post.  Now the work begins.  Work the programs and grow your post. Working the programs let your community and the Veterans know about your American Legion post.   Actions speak louder than words.

August was another hectic month. I started on the first weekend of the month, having the Western area training. There were over 70 legionnaires in attendance, and the instruction was dead on point.  Beneficial topics were explained to a lot of new officers. The feedback that I received was very positive from some that attended. This year, training will be an ongoing challenge, moving down to individual post-training.

The first district had its first quarterly meeting on the 20th; the attendance was perfect here.  Mentor presentations and “Billy Awards” were given out, recognizing those who have given more of themselves than asked for.  Have you volunteered around your post or community?

I want to thank my home post, Navarre post 382, for the support that enabled me to attend the National Convention.  I am a member of the National Security Committee and was selected to be the representative for the Department of Florida on the Conventional Arms Forces subcommittees.  There were 33 resolutions submitted to the National Security Committee, of which 24 were accepted.   These resolutions state the American Legion’s position on different topics, such as renaming forts and pay when congress is shut down.  It is the Road map of how we want our elected officials in congress to vote on matters concerning veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families.

A lot is going on in the Western Area next month.  Kids with cancer, Fallen Warriors ride, Challenge 22, and the “Be the One” event.  The Commander from Mayfield, Kentucky, will be here to thank the District riders and posts for their support after their town was devastated by tornadoes earlier last year.

I want to encourage every Legion family member to “BE THE ONE.”   This is Headquarters’ new initiative to help prevent veteran suicide. Look how you can utilize the “Be the One” campaign with Buddy checks. Don’t always have to call about membership; contact about their well-being and let them know there’s somebody that cares and is concerned about the health and safety of a fellow veteran or their family member.


Looking forward to seeing you all on the road as I travel our beautiful Area.

Sonny Decker
Western Area Commander