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Southwestern Area Commander

October 2022

All good leaders during their lifetimes have had the opportunity to observe, learn from, and be mentored by those leaders who came before. That is true whether it is leadership in the military, business, academia, or the American Legion.

What about those who do not receive that opportunity, who do not have that previous leader to learn from and be mentored by? That is why we provide District/Area training. We had an amazing Southwestern Area training on Sunday, August 21, 2022, held at Rotunda West, Post 113.

The training provided the Legionnaires with the following knowledge: duties of post officers, principles of leadership, Sgt-at-arms training, loss prevention, American Legion programs, women Veterans, analysis of post operations, and blueprint for the 21st Century. The trainers provided excellent guidance throughout their presentations, ensuring the attendees understood the information.

Please consider attending the next training in your District when available or review the above training online at

Finally, I am continuing to ask for your support with our ongoing membership drives this year. I am available to attend post and district meetings and functions. I am always available by phone or email, where every member can get a chance to ask any question you always wanted to ask but never did.

Thank you for all you do to support Veterans, their families, and the community!

Skip Felicita
Southwestern Area Commander