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Southern Area Commander

Paul Bosco
Southern Area Commander

January 2021

Southern Area Bulletin

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday. I was unable to send out a report in December because the keys on my laptop were sticking and it effected four of my programs including Microsoft Office.

I have decided not to have the Southern Area Ball. The numbers in the Southern Area for contracting the Covid-19 virus are once again rising rapidly, and I would have to charge double or triple to cover the cost for the ball. It would be too risky and unsafe even with being inoculated.

The end of December has come and gone. At this sitting, Southern Area is in third place and there are six Posts at or over 100 Percent. I am sure more will be there as well. Thank you for a job well done. There is still time to reach your quota on the 14th you should be at 80 percent keep up the good work.

January Boys State Registration fees are due on the sixth (6th), and the Packets mailed out on the Eighth (8th). January thirteenth (13th) Boys State online Delegate and Alternate registration opens. January seventeenth (17th) your Post Oratorical Competition should be completed.

Keep safe and say a prayer for those who have contracted the Corvid-19 virus, and for those who are in the hospitals, and for our friends and comrades that lost the great fight and is with the Commander of us all.

Paul Bosco
Southern Area Commander