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Northern Area Commander

October 2022

Looking for Help?

We are now moving into the 2nd quarter of our year. October is time to work on your post plans for Veteran’s Holidays, Religious Holidays, and Legion programs. If you do not have plans yet, it is not too late. Commanders meet with your officers and formulate plans for the next three quarters.

Remember our obligations to the community, state, and nation. Veterans Day is a great day to give back to legion members, educate the community and honor the nation’s Veterans. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time to give to veterans in need, their families, and the needy in the community.

Do not overlook the small things you do to help each veteran and their family. I look forward to seeing all posts moving forward with plans to make this year a year of giving. I have found that by giving you feel better about yourself and your post. It should not always be about giving money. Sometimes all that is needed is your time. Food Banks, VA Clinics, and Hospitals, as well as Nursing Homes, need your time. These groups can always use assistance. Do not let your posts overlook these opportunities.

Now is the time to decide on your Buddy Check numbers. Call these regularly after you have a rapport built up. Whom should these be? The pat answer is members you have not seen in a while. My answer is 19 members. Start with how are you doing? Can I help you in any way?  Ask if they have not renewed, and ask if there is anything we can help with before asking for a renewal. You will be surprised to learn that they are housebound. If it is financial, see if you can have a service officer call. Last, expand your list. Work your list.  Help others to set up their Buddy Checklist. Work with the adjutant and commander to build the list.

Now is the time to form a plan and begin working the plan. We are a group of veterans and veterans’ family members. You are not alone, ask for help. Use whatever method you can to get members interested in helping others.

Jim Bowers
Northern Area Commander