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Northern Area Commander

March 2023

All members should be examining their goal achievements for this year. See if those goals need to be adjusted. I hope all of the goals were raised or surpassed. Maybe they were set too high and needed to be lowered. Now is the time to evaluate the goals of each member and post.

I could remind you of the need for goals. Simply, it is a way to measure your progress. We need to look at where we are in assisting veterans and veteran families and our assistance to the Community, State, and Nation.

I want to remind everyone that these goals are not just monetary but your time as well. Post and members with small budgets can still give their time to help others. Don’t handcuff yourself by thinking you must only give your time to veterans.

Food Banks always need help. United Way can always give you a list of non-profits needing help in your area. Remember, your Post needs help. Drive a veteran to receive medical care.

Just do something to help others. Let those that do help others continue to do so. I can assure you that nothing feels better than helping others.
Support your Posts, Districts, Areas, Department, and National as well as Community, State, and Nation.

Jim Bowers
Northern Area Commander