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District 3 Commander

Stuart Scott, District 3 Commander

January 2021

Constitution and Bylaws

Our Founding Fathers, for both our nation and our organization, knew that if we didn’t have an awesome constitution we wouldn’t last as either a nation or an organization. The framework that was established carries on to today. There have been amendments, but the documents we live by are established for us as a body.

We, as the body of The Department of Florida, are on the verge of a stalemate that WE must get ahead of. It is with this notion, that I’ve been asked to head a committee to help our Judge Advocates (JA) review and get approved all our pending Constitution and Bylaws (CBL).

I have asked each District Commander to seek the best person in each district to help our JA in the initial review process. This will ensure that the document that is being presented to them has at least met the standard that they are seeking. With this process we can establish a solid standard whereas the 286 posts in The Department can have their CBL submitted, reviewed, and approved in a timely manner.

Please work closely with your District leadership. They will be the best source of information on this project and your main point of contact to help explain what is needed and will be able to assist in putting the information in layman’s terms. As always, many hands make light work!

Stuart Scott
District 3 Commander