Department of Florida

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Central Area Commander

August 2022

Thank You Central Area for allowing me to serve as your Central Area Commander in the State of Florida. I look forward to working with excellent District Commanders: Burl Thomas – District 7, Victor Kelly – District 15, and Eric Nestler – District 16. As a team, I am thrilled to get out and work with them and everyone in each of the Districts within the Central Area.

Now that Convention is behind us, it’s time to hit the road! Once this article has been published, most if not all, individual Post Installations will be completed. So, what’s next! As always, the focus is on membership. Working with the District Commanders, we will be scheduling membership trainings as soon as possible. With all the changes and nuances of the website:, it’s always good to have someone to help answer any questions you have and learn how to better navigate the membership system.

Once again, thank you and I will be seeing you soon at your Post!

Bob Matheson
Central Area Commander